This design was inspired by our son Taylen. It's a silhouette image of our first born son who passed away on February 18th, 2021.

Taylen was beautiful inside and out and he will forever be missed. In his short 15 years, Taylen made an impact on everyone he met. He was kind and had a big heart. Taylen was a tenth grader when he transitioned. His friends, classmates, and teachers remember him fondly for his bright but gentle demeanor, and a strong sense of equality and respect. 

As a parent, losing a child comes with a lifetime of "what-if's and  self-blame. You are often tormented with regrets thinking what you could have done differently to save your baby.  

This month marks one year since he passed. Losing a child is kind of heartbreak that last a lifetime. Even though he is not not physically here with us, we know he still got us. 

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