Founder and creative director Habib "Beeb" Kebbeh is the mind behind this inspirational brand. Beeb's vision for SBM is to inspire others to pursue their dreams and become successful producers, rather than just customers. "We are more than ball players, athletes and musicians". It is about creating, building, and passing on ownership to the next generation. Beeb believes that these are ways to build generational wealth and bridge the racial gap.

In November 2020, Beeb released his debut products, and it quickly outsold all its stock. Three months after launched, Black History 365 windbreakers were released, and they were also sold out. But this time, it was under 24 hours. It was at that point that he realized this brand was something special.

There are highs and lows, wins, and defeats, in business. You rejoice in victories and take lessons from defeats. While toasting the success of the BH365 Windbreaker, Beeb learned the worst possible news for any parent. In addition to losing his job due to COVID on February 18, 2021, Beeb also lost his 15-year-old son.

After the death of their child, life has changed significantly for Beeb and his family. His power to grieve during those difficult times was aided by his ability to produce content and share his story on social media. “Grieving is a never-ending process; You simply learn how to navigate through life without your loved ones”.

Currently, Beeb is refocusing on his business with fresh ideas and concepts in an effort to regain the momentum he had before the passing of his son.

Our Why

Something Black Made (SBM) is not your traditional brand; it uses unique designs to uplift and aims to empower those that represent the black community and black culture. Black culture has influenced each corner of the globe and continues to make profound impacts on everything from sports, music, fashion, art, literature, religion, and even cuisine. It is undeniable that black culture has impacted us all in one way or another. SBM is here to contribute to The Culture and will tell stories that inspire and empower using unique designs.

Our Mission

The ultimate goal of SBM is to create a platform that will support positive black movements and culture. A space that will serve creatives who have something black made to share with the world. SBM aims to support black people by creating opportunities for them, and other people of color, that will allow them to unleash their passion and creativity to fulfill their dreams. SBM is here to revolutionize the clothing industry by spreading economic opportunities. This brand aims to inspire others to pursue their dreams and become successful producers and not just consumers.

Why US?

Black-owned & Operated

Something Black Made is entirely black-owned, and we only work with other black-owned businesses.

A-1 Products & Service

We take this very seriously. From the quality of our products to the service we provide to our customers. If our product or service is not 5 stars, we didn't do our job.

Because We Care

It's more important than money and profit. It's about making a difference in our community. We care about our culture as well as our people.

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