This lightweight windbreaker is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort for any occasion. The bold and vibrant design features the Pan-African flag, a symbol of black pride and unity, as well as the text "BH365" which stands for "Black History 365" – a reminder to recognize and uplift the achievements and contributions of black individuals every day, not just during Black History Month.

Not only is the BH365 Windbreaker a fashionable choice, but it is also a powerful statement piece that promotes diversity and inclusivity. Wear it with pride and show your support for the black community.

Black history is an integral part of American history and should be celebrated and recognized every day. The BH365 Windbreaker is a small yet meaningful way to do just that, while also supporting and uplifting black culture. Make a difference and add this one-of-a-kind windbreaker to your wardrobe today.

Windbreaker and pants now available for preorder!

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